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Complete Product Solutions for Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics Products List

Aegis Softtech Australia offers smoothly integrated products for your Microsoft AX & ERP installation. Immediately contact us to manage our Dynamics products today!


  • Dynamics AX
  • Dynamics CRM
  • Dynamics GP
  • Dynamics NAV
  • Dynamics SL
  • Dynamics RMS

Dynamics AX

What is Dynamics AX?

It is an ERP arrangement and a piece of the Microsoft® Dynamics family. It helps individuals to oversee business changes and oversee information adequately, in this manner helping organizations to stand diverse in the household and global market.

Elements AX smoothies out the monetary and gracefully chain forms. It is effectively versatile in any workplace; conveys work with flawlessness; and finishes up business choices certainly. This ERP arrangement helps to work across different areas and nations by utilizing its normalized forms. It additionally gives perceivability among the associations and rearranges the convoluted undertakings.

For what reason to utilize Dynamics AX?

Microsoft® Dynamics engages the associations to work in pertinence with industry needs and actualize skillful business the board techniques. It is reached out into pretty much every practical region because of its exceptional highlights. Underneath referenced are barely any key territories that make it worth to be labeled as extraordinary compared to other ERP programming:

Improve Productivity: Helps to settle on savvy and extreme choices that support faster usage. It is recognizable and helpful programming that permits us to get to appropriately estimated data.

Oversee Change and Growth: Calibrates the business frameworks and fits them into the procedures helpfully. It likewise screens the change and development situations in the market like the dispatch of new items, or mergers and acquisitions.

Content Globally: Acts as a brought together ERP arrangement that normalizes forms, gains permeability, and oversees complexities of worldwide associations.

Disentangle Compliance: Moves in front of the administrative compliances by decreasing the hazard and liabilities limited to client activities and corporate administration.

Elements AX Financials:

This apparatus of Microsoft's ERP family clarifies the basics of money related parts of Dynamics AX 2012. By actualizing the ideas of Financial Management, associations can keep up General Ledgers; monitor Accounts Receivables, Account Payables, and Fixed Assets; and check the Expense Management and Bank Management.

The Dynamics AX Financials apparatus encourages the associations to work quicker by utilizing Safe Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Analysis systems. This particular device offers access to the Financial Data to ad-lib proficiency of various bookkeeping forms.


  • Guarantees administrative consistence and extends the business across limits
  • Improves the working of Financial Operation
  • Empowers Strategic Planning
  • Oversees income successfully
  • Gives profound comprehension into budgetary issues
  • Improves capacity to settle on adept choices rapidly

Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM was intended to concentrate client correspondence and data; to make that data quickly accessible to the individuals from your staff who need it, when they need it; and to recognize larger patterns and chances to settle on business dynamic simpler and more gainful.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Australia can help organizations all things considered, regardless of what industry, to assemble more beneficial and productive associations with its present clients and to recognize and make associations with new clients. Microsoft incorporates the entirety of the best CRM rehearses in its different highlights and modules, with the entirety of nature, adaptability, and usefulness for which Microsoft is prestigious.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is effortlessly adjusted to the strategies which your business as of now utilizes; it expands the adequacy of what you are as of now doing and gives new roads and abilities past what you could have accomplished without it.

There are five fundamental module parts which empower the MS Dynamics CRM application to address the client relationship the executives’ needs of your one of a kind business: CRM for deals upgrades the efficiency and yield of your salesmen, CRM for advertising changes crude information into the information which streamlines your promoting system and benefit.

CRM for client support empowers your staff to keep on the head of client needs and to construct long haul client connections, CRM investigation encourages better business dynamic by gathering and breaking down deals and promoting information and CRM work process helps with mechanizing redundant however essential authoritative assignments to smooth out the business cycle.

Regardless of whether your business has just a couple of representatives or numerous thousand dispersed all through the world, Microsoft Dynamic CRM will give you a serious edge. There are various releases and conceivable arrangements choices that can be custom-made to your individual needs and assets.

Truth be told, singular customization is the thing that MS Dynamics CRM is about. Littler organizations have discovered that Software as a Service supplier can be a priceless, and savvy, approach to set up and actualize a CRM plan planned just or them.

Microsoft Dynamics GP

Likewise with pretty much every broad record application I looked into, you can just buy or rent Microsoft Dynamics GP from an accomplice or affiliate, not legitimately from Microsoft. This implies the distributed rundown cost on a few accomplices' sites of $5,000 for a Starter pack of three simultaneous is only bouncing off point. The last estimating will rely upon what number of clients and which of the accomplice's worth include administrations you utilize.

Like Sage 300c and SAP Business One Professional, Microsoft's Dynamics arrangement was worked by procurement. There are different releases of Dynamics including GP (inspected here), Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX, and Dynamics CRM. Microsoft Dynamics GP was initially evolved by Great Plains Software. Microsoft obtained Great Plains Software in 2001 and has been refining and extending its capacities from that point forward.

Not Particularly Pretty

A large number of the SME bookkeeping applications evaluated here element various route techniques, including a type of flowchart measure sheet that strolls a client through a particular arrangement of assignments typically identified with a key business or bookkeeping measure. That is not what you'll discover in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Microsoft Dynamics GP shuns an extravagant (UI) and ease of use and focuses rather on usefulness. Little symbols on a vertical sheet on the left-hand of the screen speak to various frameworks, for example, General Ledger, Sales, and Human Resources. Snap the symbol and you are taken to a presentation page for that part of the framework. Contingent upon the client's allocated job, the diverse points of arrival for Financials, Payables, Payroll, Sales, and different modules will raise a lot of errand sheets in the principle window. These assignment sheets each have a rundown of capacities that identify with that specific undertaking.

For instance, the financial landing page has singular sheets for Transactions, Reports, Inquiry, and others in general undertakings. Each of these has a rundown of undertakings that can be performed, for example, entering an exchange or creating reports. Huge numbers of the screens have drill-down menus to the exchanges itemized on a report or screen. Microsoft Dynamics GP additionally has a little lace bar with drop-down menus for Transactions, Inquiries, Reports, and Cards. Cards are ace records for accounts including the Chart of Accounts, Bank Accounts, worker ace records, and so forth. It may not be sweet however it works.

Microsoft Dynamics GP additionally has a capacity that can be valuable in computerizing basic dreary undertakings: a large scale recorder. This works similar route as large scale orders in applications, for example, Microsoft Excel ($205.80 at Amazon), recording a progression of keystrokes that will take you to a particular spot in Microsoft Dynamics GP, (for example, propelling a bunch of information passages, or producing and afterward posting a report).

Would you be able to Have Too Many Reports?

Discussing reports, Microsoft Dynamics GP possesses a great deal of them. More than 800 to put a number on it, and that is before you produce custom reports by utilizing the included report author or through SAP's Crystal Reports (which is excluded yet is viable). If you realize how to produce Microsoft SQL asks, you can do that, as well, since Microsoft Dynamics GP utilizes Microsoft SQL Server as its fundamental database. Your affiliate/accomplice can likewise do some broad code tweaking, however, that is something you presumably shouldn't endeavor aside from if all else fails. This is because the Microsoft Dynamics GP application is written in Dexterity, which is certifiably not a norm or notable programming language yet was grown explicitly to create the application.

One thing outstandingly missing from Microsoft Dynamics GP are dashboards containing key execution markers (KPIs). There are approaches to produce this kind of information, yet to make a real dashboard, you need to go outside the Microsoft Dynamics GP application (which is cumbersome no doubt). One path is to produce what Microsoft Dynamics GP calls an "examination block" and fare that information to Microsoft Excel where you at that point make a rotate table that can be accordingly charted. Take the examination 3D shapes for the KPIs you need, fare, and diagram them (setting the charts close to and underneath one another), and you have a dashboard. It's not hard to do and takes just a couple of keystrokes (or you can compose a Microsoft Excel Macro to do the majority of the work). Yet, pretty much every other SME bookkeeping framework I saw as of now has a type of graphical dashboard as a major aspect of the local application, so, amazingly, Microsoft ignored this.

Microsoft offers a dashboard application for cell phones including Android and iOS gadgets, and Windows Surface tablets. It's called Dynamics Business Analyzer 7 and it's a free download, yet it necessitates that the Dynamics Web Connector and Microsoft Dynamics GP Application Companion Services are introduced (which is something your accomplice will do during establishment and design).

A High-End Option

Costs are set by singular affiliates and accomplices and rely upon which version is authorized. The Starter Pack incorporates Financial Management, Banking, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, and Human Resource Management. The distributed rundown cost on a few affiliates’ sites for a three-client simultaneous permit is $5,000. What's more, you'll have expenses that the affiliate charges for the establishment, set-up, setup, and customization just as yearly support charges. That can bring about the cost being a few times the distributed "Rundown Price," which is regular for SME bookkeeping and ERP frameworks, however Microsoft's per-seat normal is still on the very good quality when contrasted with a portion of the opposition.

Indeed, "top of the line" is likely the most ideal approach to portray Microsoft Dynamics GP generally speaking. A considerable lot of the bookkeeping frameworks I audited are material to both littler organizations with complex bookkeeping and detailing prerequisites, and bigger moderate size to-big business measured organizations with the requirement for huge quantities of exchanges and other complex highlights. I don't believe that numerous littler organizations will discover Microsoft Dynamics GP a solid match either monetarily, or all the more critically, operationally. Microsoft Dynamics GP is a top of the line framework and closes in usefulness to a venture asset arranging (ERP) application focused on the Fortune 5000.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Pros

  • Excellent usefulness.
  • Various discretionary segments can bring it up to genuine ERP capacity.
  • Base programming (Starter Pack) is all around provisioned.
  • Accessible on-premises or as an oversaw cloud administration.
  • Huge assortment of accessible versatile applications.
  • Colossal number of adaptable reports.

Microsoft Dynamics GP Pros

  • Obsolete (UI) isn't easy to use
  • Work process isn't instinctive.
  • Will presumably require broad (and costly) design and customization from Microsoft accomplices/affiliates.
  • Particular methodology can bring about a costly framework if numerous auxiliary diaries are required.

Dynamics NAV

Dynamics NAV is a finished venture asset arranging (ERP) programming arrangement that is quick to actualize, simple to design, and direct to utilize. Arranged considering effortlessness, its imaginative structure, advancement, and execution improve ease of use.

With Dynamics NAV you can actualize demonstrated industry-explicit usefulness pertinent to your necessities - in any event, for the most profoundly particular areas and associations. The outcome? A financially savvy ERP programming arrangement is customized for your extraordinary necessities. One that enables your workers to be more powerful and your business more seriously. Versatile for all

Generally perceived as the market driving business the board programming for medium to huge associations, JMC has put the critical time in the making of a variant of Dynamics NAV that is exceptionally preconfigured and altered to address the necessities of the run of the mill independent venture. This, joined with our selective Express Implementation Methodology, slices the arrangement time to under 20 days, and - relying upon the advancement required - it very well may be as not many as 10 days. The final product is that the expense of usage is significantly diminished and the arrangement can be fully operational in the quickest time conceivable - guaranteeing the least business disturbance.

Is your current business the executives programming still applicable?

The business world is continually evolving. Just as progressing in the direction of interior improvement objectives, it can in some cases appear as though you're being besieged by a change from each edge. Regardless of whether it's responding to the monetary atmosphere; staying aware of the most recent enactment; or shuffling customers, providers, and representatives; the test of running - not to mention growing a business - is getting progressively perplexing.

After some time, your business the executives programming can lose pertinence and at last keep you down. At the point when you originally introduced your present programming, it more likely than not offered all that you needed and upheld your business adequately. Yet, is it still as significant today? In the present extreme business condition, it's basic that your product develops with you.

On the off chance that any of these situations sound natural, it's presumably an ideal opportunity to survey your current business frameworks.

Do you...

  • Have worries about the drawn-out utilization of your current programming?
  • Increasingly use spreadsheets to oversee and control key business data?
  • Manually re-key data from other programming and frameworks?
  • Wish that you could open some genuine business esteem from the information in your product?
  • Bemoan the absence of explicit usefulness for your business?
  • Wonder whether your product is about consistency as opposed to supporting dynamic?
  • Find it hard to respond immediately whenever your business faces another test or opportunity?
  • Feel crazy because of an absence of ideal and precise budgetary data?
  • Dynamics NAV can undoubtedly and cost-viably address these issues, for all sizes of business.

Likewise, when utilized close by other Microsoft programming arrangements, for example, Outlook, Office, CRM, and SharePoint, Dynamics NAV offers a great suggestion for any association looking to rapidly and effectively reform their presentation at a reasonable cost.

The total business the executives programming Since 1984, Dynamics NAV has set up itself as the best option answer for organizations searching for a total business the board programming.

With close visual and utilitarian connections to other Microsoft applications, including Office, Outlook, and CRM Australia, it's quick to execute, simple to arrange, and easy to utilize. Moreover, with ceaseless speculation, you can be sure that, as your business develops, so too will Dynamics NAV - giving a solid, future-sealed stage for development.

Basic, keen, creative

All that you need from a cutting edge business the executives programming arrangement, Dynamics NAV offers a straightforward, keen and imaginative method of accomplishing total mix in-accordance with the manner in which you like to work together.

Utilizing Dynamics NAV will support you:

  • Raise profitability. Creating sound edges and a solid main concern.
  • Easily produce visuals, tables, and reports. Enhancing your field-tested strategy.
  • Make your cycles were straightforward and productive.
  • Ensuring simple to-quantify business execution.
  • Grow your business. Rapidly adjusting to changes in your business condition while keeping the expense of possession low.

Fundamental beliefs for progress

More than 1,000,000 individuals use Dynamics NAV to disentangle and smooth out their business measures. The accomplishment of Dynamics NAV and, thusly, the organizations that utilization it is generally because of the quality of its fundamental beliefs:

Rich start to finish usefulness. So you can oversee pretty much every part of your business.

Global extension. The capacity to manage various dialects and monetary standards when you direct cross-fringe business. Flexibility. Easy to modify and snappy to tailor to the extent of your business.

Simple to utilize, execute, and keep up. Present moment, you'll have the option to interface with your current business programming and see profitability rise. Long haul, you'll have a creative business the executives programming with a minimal effort of possession.

The usefulness that is applicable to you...

Would you like to improve cooperation while helping individuals to work quicker and more astute over your association? Microsoft Dynamics NAV gives a recognizable client experience and exhaustive arrangement of business the executive’s devices that can associate your kin to the correct cycle - and to one another - across offices, areas, and even various associations. Improve correspondence and coordinated effort all through your business

It's a given that when individuals can convey and team up effectively, they are more gainful. Elements NAV can help encourage improved cooperation by:

Giving precise and available data. All information is put away in a solitary database. Representatives can undoubtedly penetrate down from all screens and access ongoing data. Accelerating data sharing over different locales and groups. Exploit tight mix with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft SharePoint Server to bring data and usefulness from Dynamics NAV to your workers over numerous areas.

Connecting Dynamics NAV records to applicable archives. The 'Record Links' element in Dynamics NAV empowers you to connect Dynamics NAV records to pertinent archives, for example, reports and spreadsheets. For instance, connecting records from Microsoft SharePoint Server to a deal or buy request.

Associating different associations. Numerous huge or universal associations use Dynamics NAV inside their littler auxiliaries, at times incorporating it with a focal ERP framework at their central command. Accordingly, these associations can more readily share data, while empowering auxiliaries to work all the more viably by utilizing a natural, exceptionally versatile arrangement constructed explicitly for them.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

Microsoft Dynamics SL can help meet the extraordinary needs of little to average size proficient administration firms, U.S. government contractual workers, and Non-Profit Organizations. With Dynamics SL 2011, associations can oversee such cycles as money related announcing, undertaking and award bookkeeping, time and costs, buying products and ventures, overseeing subcontractors and that's just the beginning.

Dynamics RMS

A web store upheld by Microsoft Dynamics Retail Management System (MS RMS) is anything but difficult to-utilize and a reasonable approach to robotize online retailer's single or numerous store business. There are different capacities which Microsoft Dynamics RMS can oversee like stock control, valuing, representative administration, data security, detailing, and bookkeeping. It works something beyond a POS front end interface.

The Microsoft RMS truck will take the online retailers items over the topographies. The best piece of Microsoft elements RMS with an incorporated web-based business shopping basket programming is in its synchronization power. The entire MS RMS can be set-up without any problem. It very well may be set up immediately, custom-made to meet explicit retail needs, and gives admittance to master uphold. Instinctive UI helps supervisors and partners to learn retail location systems in minutes.

RMS coordinated web store takes out the need to lead wasteful manual stock tallies, spares time, and diminishes representative overhead. Retailers online can follow and oversee things over their organizations. Moreover, unique stock sorts can be overseen like a norm, serialized, pack, gathering, framework, parcel network, voucher, and gauged.

Microsoft elements RMS with web integrator helps in improving the profitability and in the general execution of the online retailer's business. Presently retailers online can settle on quick educated choices and offer unrivaled client administrations. It helps in picking up the full permeability of the store activities and retailers can review, search, and print diaries by register, cluster, and receipt number.

Online retailers can get to and examine information over their whole business utilizing ground-breaking detailing and interchanges usefulness. With the assistance of experiences from itemized momentum data, online retailers can distinguish deals patterns in each office, class, and season. Microsoft Dynamics RMS prepares the staff to react rapidly to client needs, making it simpler for retailers online to transform a solitary buy into an enduring and beneficial client relationship. Partners can speed up checkouts rapidly, target client inclinations to present sales, and strategically pitches.

With these sorts of functionalists, it encourages online retailers in recouping the ventures. This converts into more money per client, limiting work cost and lessening the stock expense and out-of-stocks. Presently online retailers can target client inclinations to recommend up-sells and strategically pitches and promote different items at a retail location with onscreen graphical showcases.

With such a strong retail the executive’s framework, retailers online can keep up close power over stock with consequently produced buy requests and stock levels. Concentrated buying and in-store moves to empower them to recharge things proficiently and cost-adequately.

An adaptable, customization, and moderate eCommerce truck for Microsoft RMS has the probability to take the business to the following level and aides in getting that month-on-month deals figure.

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